HINDSIGHT is a story of love, regrets, and consequences. Ryan is a charming, attractive man with natural talent. He has gained reputation for his athletic prowess and archery skills at the local Country Club where he works. He can have any woman he wants…and always does. But his actions are starting to catch up with him. One fling with his manager, Maggie, leaves her seeking revenge with her powerful family. Ryan is brutally scarred and temporarily blinded from the attack. During his three weeks of recovery, he finds himself falling in love with his attending nurse, a smart and beautiful woman named Diana. Ryan begins not only to recover physically, but also tries to begin a fresh start and fix his own personal issues. But, the men who caused his injuries and Diana’s overprotective twin brother become entwined in Ryan’s life once more, and our protagonist tries to piece together the puzzle of the last few weeks so he can warn Diana before it’s too late.